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How Consumers can take part

How Consumers can take part

As the end destination for all food, consumers are crucial in creating a robust market for British and local food. There are lots of ways that you can take part in British Food Fortnight - see the ideas below for information on enjoying British food in your home, what to buy when shopping and eating out during the Fortnight - how many of these will you be able to do this year?

Don't forget to make sure that your children's school is planning to include cookery and food-related activities – now a required part of the curriculum. Encourage your local shop, pub and restaurant to run special tastings and promotions too. Its all about communities and getting involved! Plus anyone running an event can let us know and enter the competition!

 We have included a few ideas below for getting involved or if you want to do something each day of the fortnight see our full list.

  • Make a special effort during British Food Fortnight to buy, eat and cook regional food - visit our Buying British section for advice on what to look for and where to shop.    
  • Eat in Local Pubs and Restaurants or buy from local shops - If you are going to the countryside for a day out, to stay in a B&B, to go walking, climbing or camping make a special effort to eat in local pubs and restaurants and stock up on supplies from the local shops. Check Big Barn to find your local food producers.
  • Check whether you your local shop, restaurant or pub sells local food and if not, encourage them to do so. A guide is available for retailers, restaurateurs and pub-owners on our taking part pages.
  • Get Harvesty - British Food Fortnight encompasses the three Sundays of the Harvest Festival calendar and so presents lots of opportunities for special harvest activities. If you are looking for a local Harvest service or religious event, you can search on the website which has been set up especially to connect people with their local church. If you are a church leader please make sure your event is registered and plus there are plenty of ideas for Harvest themed praise here. If you have experiences success in particular harvest activities in your community, please let us know.
  • Encourage your community to take part - organise an event in your local sports or social club, your children's school, your local pub or your community centres. Why not enter our prestigious Competition, and win a spectacular prize?
  • Encourage your children’s school to get involve - run an event or even work with school caterer to run themed menus – check our Teachers Zone for ideas on taking part.
  • Find out what’s going on in your region and attend an event or festival. Visit our What's Happening  pages to see what’s going on near you. 
  • When looking to purchase products, keep an eye out for logo's and marks. Visit our logos and marks page for further information on certification.