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British Food is Great

British Food is Great

Be part of Love British Food’s new advertising campaign promoting British food. #BritishFoodisGreat 

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, British food needs promoting and, like all brands, it needs a national advertising campaign.

This starts now. We want to make the British food producer the public’s new hero. Move over the Celebrity Chef and welcome the British Food Hero!

We love the celebrity chef; they have done a superb job introducing us to delicious food and recipes and encouraging us to question where our food comes from. Now we need to point the spotlight on the farmers and food producers who work 24/7 to bring us delicious British food.

How can you help? There is no budget for a national advertising campaign but we know, with your help, we can create one. Please help us advertise #BritishFoodisGreat, put a face to British food and make British farmers and producers food heroes.

Two ways for you to take part. If you are a food producer, be the face of our advertising campaign. If you are a supporter please share our messages across your social media platforms and in your communities.

Farmers, food and drink producers

1.Take a picture of you with the food your produce/grown/rear.

2. Email it to stating your name, what you do, and your area. Eg. Mary Ankers, I am a dairy farmer, Cheshire

3. We will turn your photos into a British Food is Great advertisement. We will use your images and make into social media ads and download posters (see below).

4. Share the ad, and other food producers’ and farmers’ ads, on your own social media channels including #BritishFoodisGreat

5. Film – films as well as photos are a core part of this advertising campaign. If you are able to, please film yourself saying your name, what food you produce and where you are from. Make sure you finish your film by saying “British Food is Great” and send to us and tag us in.


How can everyone else get involved? The posters below are available to print off and be displayed everywhere. There is no budget to support with TV advertising, web banners, ad boards at retailers/bus stations, magazine ads so we want YOU to take action, print off and display:

  • Local Post Office
  • Shops
  • Staff room
  • Office noticeboards
  • Doctors surgery
  • Pre-school/school noticeboard
  • Community sites - brownies/guides/beavers/cubs/scouts/church/
  • Petrol station
  • Sports clubs - gym/football club/stables/swimming pool


You don't have to be a food producer or farmer to get involved. You may be a vet, looking after the farmers animals, or a cook or chef specialising in cooking seasonal British ingredients, or even a teacher educating the children on British food, farming and the future. We want our campaign to really share and show the support we have for the British food and farming industry. Just to recap:

  • Tale a picture of you doing what you do.
  • Send to with - your name, what you do, where you are and #BritishFoodisGreat
  • You can share on social channels too, or wait for us to add the logo and we can send back to you.
  • Film - film yourself saying the same - name, what you do, where you are and #BritishFoodisGreat and make sure you tag @LoveBritishFood and #BritishFoodisGreat

All the posters will be included here and we encourage you all to print off/share on social/support, tell others to get involved


Individual Posters