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Top tips for the perfect roast dinner

Top tips for the perfect roast dinner

Follow these top tips from Seasoned Cookery School to perfect your Sunday Lunch.

1) Preparation is key

Most vegetables can be prepped in advance. Peel and chop your potatoes and keep in water in the fridge or even par boil the potatoes and parsnips ready for roasting. Vegetables like carrots can be peeled in advance then stored in an air-tight container with a splash of water until needed

2) Buy the best meat you can afford

Meat provides the flavours for not only the main part of the meal, but the juices will also make the gravy so it pays to get the best quality meat you can afford. Cheaper cuts, that are great for slow roasting, can be tasty and economical too. 

3)Let your meat rest

Always rest your meat. Once cooked put the meat to one side and cover in foil and a tea towel for 30 minutes.

Letting the meat rest not only helps the meat cook though and keeps the meat juice but it also buys you time at the end meaning you can turn the oven up to get the crispiest roast potatoes along with the fluffiest yorkshire puddings.

4)Warm the plates

Warm the plates, serving dishes and even gravy boat before serving up. This helps keep the food warm while food is being serving up.

If short on oven space for warming the plates heat through a pile of places with water between each layer in the microwave.


Top tips for the perfect roast dinner