Celebrate the best of British

Celebrate the best of British


Indulge in British food! Seek out in-season fruits and vegetables, quality British meat and some of our country's fabulous cheeses and dairy produce when you are out shopping and use these to create delicious meals at home. What about trying some of our most traditional dishes, such as Shepherd's Pie or Apple Crumble, and giving them a modern twist?!

If you have children, consider involving them in the preparation of the meal - British Food Fortnight is a great opportunity to teach them a few cooking skills as well as an appreciation of the pleasures and health benefits of eating good food.

There are lots of recipe ideas for you to try. Follow the Recipe menu options to find the one that tempts you most!

Pheasant with Bacon and Red Wine PDF Print E-mail

Serve with braised red cabbage and mashed potato.

1 Pheasant
3/4 pint of Chicken Stock
1-2 tbsps Redcurrant Jelly
Red Wine


Take one pheasant, cover with bacon and put in roasting dish, add 3/4 pint of chicken stock cook for 45 minutes in oven

Then after 45 minutes, take pheasant out, and de-bone it and roughly chop the bacon. Keep warm.

In roasting dish keep the juices of the pheasant, add redcurrant jelly 1-2 tbsps, red wine, then add a little breadcrumbs (to thicken the sauce) and cook over the stove for 5 minutes.

Put chopped pheasant and sauce in a serving dish and mix well.

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