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Andy Jones

Andy Jones


Andy Jones, Chair of PSCI100 and member of Hospital Caterers Associations (HCA) has been a stalwart of patient catering for over 30 years, with the key influence being the delivery of a nutritious and wholesome food and hydration service to all patients at ward level.

Andy’s mantra is to “treat every patient as if he or she is a member of your own family”, and his current focus is to campaign for a patient focused service that is ultimately owned by hospital caterers from ‘field to point of the patient eating/drinking’ thus enhancing the patient’s experience and aiding clinical teams, regardless of their length of stay in hospital and to eradicate malnutrition. When ill, it is about eating for GOOD HEALTH.

His passion for patient’s wellbeing is well documented and has been one of the key leads in the Nutritional and Hydration weeks and currently sits on the Governments led Hospital Food Panel. A member of the cost sector caterers’ to in 20 public sector caterers. He is also outspoken on the ‘softer’ issues which are important to patients like the simple things as a water jug, to packaging!

As a trained chef, Andy believes that it is important that whichever method of food preparation a hospital utilises – whether fresh cooked on the premises or cook chill /cook freeze – it is vital that the highest standards are in place to make sure it reaches the patient in optimum condition so contributes to their wellbeing and recovery.

Andy is particularly proud to be chair of the HCA whom he calls the ‘FAMILY’ and his only ‘real’ passion outside of family and work is ARSENAL! But that’s another story …


Andy Jones has sat on the Love British Food National Committee for a number of years, working across his sector to encourage hospital caterers to choose, where possible, British as their supplier of choice. Andy works passionately across the Hospital Catering Sector and is totally committed to Love British Food encouraging everyone to get involved. It is because of his continuous support to the campaign Andy was made an Ambassador for Love British Food and British Food Fortnight this year (2019).

Delighted with his appointment, Andy Jones said: " British food can be seasonal, local and is delicious so should be the obvious choice for any public sector chef. I know from experience you don't need to spend more if you switch to buying British. Seasonal fruit and vegetables should be readily available and will have more nutrients and be better for us, plus we are supporting our farmers and local producers.

"I am delighted to have been appointed as an Ambassador for Love British Food and British Food Fortnight and look forward to working alongside the team. I aim to encourage many more public sector chefs and companies to make the switch to British, as well as, educating consumers to look for correct labelling in-store. Over 40 years ago, our country was nearly 80% self sufficient in food and drink, this has now decreased to 61%. but by supporting and buying British the demand for home-grown products will increase which should build our self-sufficiency."