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Love British Food

Love British Food

Love British Food 2019 is sponsored by Co-op Food and a Partner of The Great British Food Campaign.

Love British Food is the leading national promotion of British food. It is unique in that, in a world where the promotion of British is governed by EU rules that prohibit the main farming organisations and the government from giving a clear ‘buy British’ to the domestic consumer, we are the only organisation that can advocate a strong ‘Buy British Food’ message. And we are the only organisation that can encourage retailers and the caterers responsible for sourcing food in our schools, hospitals and food outlets to make British food their preferred supplier of choice.

The Love British Food website is a year-round source of advice on producing, buying and eating British, and includes information for all sectors on how to get involved with, and organise, British food promotions and events across the UK. The organisation is an important influencer in engaging the retail, catering and education sectors, and our initiatives help maintain a robust market for Britain’s food. 

Held in the autumn at the same time as harvest festival, British Food Fortnight is the biggest annual, national celebration of British food and drink. Visit our British Food Fortnight page for more information. Bring Home the Harvest sits alongside British Food Fortnight and aims to reinvigorate the tradition of celebrating the harvest. Visit our Bring Home the Harvest page for more information.

Love British Food and British Food Fortnight are the brainchildren of Alexia Robinson.  Alexia founded British Food Fortnight in 2002 in response to the Foot & Mouth crisis and the fact that, though there were numerous food initiatives, projects and events taking place across Britain at that time, there was no overall flagship event to bring them to the public's attention. It was held for the first time in Autumn 2002 at the same time as Harvest Festival, the traditional time for celebrating our food. The Fortnight is now established annually as the biggest national celebration of British food and has proved to be an important influencer in engaging the retail, catering, education and volunteer sectors and in establishing a more robust market for Britain's food.

As a result of her work, Alexia has been nominated for Farming Personality of the Year and NFU Farming Champion. She describes herself as an accidental foodie - she prefers eating food to talking about it.