Bring home the Harvest! British Food Fortnight 2013 Schools competition

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Win the opportunity for your school to be part of British Food Fortnight's Harvest Festival celebration in Westminster Abbey in the presence of VIPs and a host of celebrities!

Love British Food, the campaign that organises British Food Fortnight, is inviting all schools in the UK to take part in the wonderful tradition of Harvest Festival by creating a Harvest box that celebrates the food produced in their part of the country. 

Each Harvest box needs to contain fruit and vegetables the children have grown themselves, food they have cooked in class and a selection of food from local producers in their part of the country.

Closing date for entries: 24th July 2013

To enter, please complete the form below or alternatively [click here]
to download a Word version of the form and send your entries to

Address of school
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Post code
Daytime tel number
Email address that you can be contacted on during the holidays if different from the above:
Type of School
Age range of children in the group

Name of your school's Harvest Box entry

Please describe the activities you undertook to research and plan the contents of your Harvest box
Growing Activities
Cooking Activities
Visiting, researching, working with local producers and suppliers.

Please describe any activities you undertook to make or design the container that will be your Harvest box and to design its label

Please list the main items that you plan to include in your Harvest box and why you have decided to include them

Please describe how your school will be celebrating during British Food Fortnight (21st September – 6th October in 2013)
For example, are you planning to offer a British menu or trial new ideas in the dining room, invite chefs into the school, hold food workshops, hold a party for parents and guests, visit local food growers or retailers etc?

Additional information you may like to provide
Quotes from pupils, teachers and parents taking part

Photographs and videos of your activities
Please upload at least two clear photos of the children carrying out their activities and planning their box. You may upload a video if you wish. Entries without two photos unfortunately will not be able to be accepted. Files must not exceed 2MB and be one the of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, doc, txt, gif, rtf, pdf, xls, rar, tar, zip, tgz, gz For larger files or of different formats, please send them by e-mail to
Please note that when you submit your form you will be taken to the home page of Love British Food, a message will be displayed on this page for all successfull submissions. Alternatively any problems with your submission will be highlighted and you will have an opportunity to amend and resubmit your entry. Once the entry is submitted you will receive an e-mail containing the information you submitted.
If your entry form and pictures/videos are more than a 8MB file then please send photographs separately via email or send them on a CD in the post to British Food Fortnight, PO BOX 16141, London, SE11 4ZH.
Please note that CDs can not be returned.