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Georgie Gater-Moore

Georgie Gater-Moore

Read what young farmer Georgie Gater-Moore had to say about her time in farming.

1.Why/how did you get into farming? How long have you been in farming.

I got involved with farming when my mother started doing some contract lambing when I was about 11. I was always keen to come along whatever time of day she was going out to the sheep and quickly discovered my unexpected passion for livestock and farming in general. I’m now 21 and have a small flock of my own ewes, and have worked on farm during summer and easter holidays from school and now university.

2.What is your favourite thing about farming?

My favourite thing about farming is working with the sheep and seeing ewes and lambs thrive whether it’s lambing time or mid-summer. Of course, the setting of the English countryside on a nice sunny day helps! But even in the rain, there are usually positives to be found because farming is so varied and rewarding.

3.Your least favourite thing about farming?

My least favourite thing about farming would be the uncertainty and disappointments. It would be great if the sun always shone and the sheep always did well and lambs always survived, but that’s life and that’s farming!

4.What achievement are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my small flock and how I’m working to develop and grow them. I bought my first ewes just as I started my final year of A Levels, and in September I’ll be starting my final year of university. I’ve kept them through thick and thin, and although the future isn’t always certain, I hope to keep improving my genetics and knowledge.

5.Why should we buy British produce?

We should all strive to buy as much British produce as we can because you can see the people it benefits. The British countryside is filled with hard-working and passionate farmers that are happy to show off what they do and talk to the public about how they produce their food. British produce is fresh, it’s safe, and it is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world.

6.How do you think we should be promoting British?

We should be promoting British produce by being vocal about how great it is! Sharing the individual stories of farmers up and down the country that are proud and passionate about producing great food. Connecting with consumers and letting them know how much it means to us as individuals and as an industry when they choose a product produced in Britain.

7. What are the 3 main things you like to achieve in the next 10 years?

I would like to continue growing my flock but work on breeding my own replacements to ensure I have the sort of ewes I want as mothers coming into the flock.

I’d like to gain more experience across different sheep systems around the country.

And I should probably say graduating university with a good degree.

8.How would you like British food to be described in 10 years time?

Renowned world wide as some of the tastiest food, with acknowledgement of the high welfare standards and dedication that goes into producing it, with that also reflected in the price paid for it.