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Chris Manley Q&A

Chris Manley Q&A

We caught up with young farmer Chris Manley about why he got into farming.

1.Why/how did you get into farming? How long have you been in farming?

My family have been farming for many generations and so I had the bug from a young age

2. What is your favourite thing about farming?

You can see the fruits of your labour and you get to work outdoors with the natural environment and local community

3.Your least favourite thing about farming?

Not always knowing what you are going to get for what you produce and the unpredictability of our lovely British weather

4.What achievement are you most proud of?

Being elected as Chairman of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs in 2016/17. Having the opportunity to lead and represent the best rural youth organisation in the country and champion the future of British farming was very special

5.Why should we buy British produce?

The British climate and geography means that we can produce some of the best quality meat, dairy, produce and drinks in the world.There is always something being grown nearby and in season.Farmers are an intrinsic part of the community and provide the landscape and memorable experiences that we all cherish.

6. How do you think we should be promoting British?

It’s a team effort, we all need to do our bit Highlighting the best of British food throughout the year, i.e. what is in season Collaborate with other initiatives such as Open Farm Sunday Target food trend setters and make them aware of the benefit of British food, e.g. Joe Wicks, Jamie Oliver

Target schools and cooking from a young age to bring back our passion for food Target tourists and contribute to books like the Lonely Planet Champion great British farmers, growers and food outlets that celebrate British food

7. What will you be having for dinner tonight?

Roast British beef dinner with all the trimmings and gravy.Plenty of roast potatoes and parsnips, yum yum!

8.What are the 3 main things you like to achieve in the next 10 years

Have my own healthy and happy family

Our family are well placed for a sustainable future on farm

I am recognised as a leader in British Agriculture for implementing positive change

9.How would you like British food to be described in 10 years time?

Recognised both locally and internationally as great quality with sustainable and ethical sourcing credentials

People will be clear on what food we are known for producing

British food is an affordable and nutritious way of feeding my family