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Fish & Seafood

Fish & Seafood

The Co-op aim provide a clear sourcing standard through which The Co-op can ensure all own-brand fish has been responsibly sourced. To satisfy our members and customers’ expectations that own-brand fish, seafood products and ingredients are sourced in a way that ensures a viable future for the fishing and fish farming industries. All of our Smoked Salmon is 100% Scottish RSCPA Assured.

Why buy British fish & seafood?

Fish & seafood is low in calories, high in protein and rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Oil-rich fish such as herring and mackerel are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to have a lowering effect on cholesterol. They are also a great source of vitamins A and D.

British seafood is produced to some of the highest welfare standards and environmental care in the world. Scotland's rivers, lochs and coastal waters are home to some of the freshest shellfish, wild salmon and herring in the world. ‘Scottish Farmed Salmon’ is protected by the EU's special PGI designation. It is rich in Omega-3 and has been produced to the highest standards of welfare and environmental care. PCB and dioxin levels in Scottish farmed salmon are significantly lower than thresholds set by international watchdogs, including the Food Standards Agency in the UK.

The species and their seasons

M&J Seafood has a range of excellent information about fish species and their seasons.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Marine Stewardship Council  (MSC) is the world's leading certification and eco-labelling program for sustainable seafood. You can now get MSC-certified sustainable seafood fresh, frozen and canned from the UK. They provide a  list of certified "fish to eat".

If you wish to use the MSC logo in your business (on menus or websites for example), you will need to be certified to do so.

For more information about MSC certification, visit our Logos and Marks page. 

Choosing Fish

Whenever you buy fish or seafood you should always look for the freshest kind available. Here are a number of tips to help you scout out the best:

  • The fish should never smell ‘fishy’.
  • Whole fresh fish will have eyes that are bright and skin should have a moist firm appearance.
  • Flesh should be firm to touch.
  • Fish should have no brown spots.
  • Smoked fish should look glossy with a fresh smoky aroma.
  • Shellfish, like lobster and crab, should be purchased either alive or frozen.
  • Select shellfish with shells tightly closed and without any gaps or cracks.
  • Lobsters and crabs should be heavy for their size.

Visit our Sourcing Page  for more information on sourcing British fish & seafood.

Delicious fish & seafood recipes