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Potatoes are a good food and are not only healthy but affordable too; so perfect for family mealtimes.  Did you know, for example, that potatoes are a source of fibre and potassium?

Did you know?

Potatoes don't like the cold!  Make sure you take your potatoes out of their plastic packaging so they can breathe and never store them in the fridge!

Potatoes don't like the light either! Make sure you keep your potatoes in a cool, dark place- a cupboard is ideal

The bread winner. An average-sized portion (175g) of salad or new potatoes has the same amount of fibre as two slices of wholemeal bread.

Go bananas with potatoes. An average portion of salad or new potatoes contains more potassium than two and a half bananas!

For a healthier meal, skip the butter. You don't need to add lashings of butter to your Salad potatoes, adding chopped herbs and seasoning should do the trick. For jackets, tuna or grilled chicken salad makes a tasty filling.

Visit our recipe pages for delicious recipes with potatoes or for tips, recipes and more.


How to Source


The Co-op always support the UK farming industry and promoted British food.They have created long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers to give our customers complete transparency in the Co-op supply chain, built on honesty, fairness and trust. The Co-op Farming Groups, combined with a clear sourcing strategy, forecasts a great future for Co-op.Co-opsupports nearly 2,000 UK farmers and have dedicated long-term relationships with more than 400 farmers all part of Co-op Farming Groups. These 400 carefully selected ‘foundation’ farms focus on growing and rearing animals to The Co-op’s high standards. They provide chicken, pork, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus beef, Cambrian lamb and milk, through a transparent supply chain. Since the establishment of The Co-operative Dairy Group in 2011, five additional Farming Groups to cover own-brand fresh British meat and poultry. Together, the six groups help to maintain strict animal welfare policies and encourage long-term investment and improvements to sustainability, efficiency and training. Co-op are committed to British Agriculture. 

Fruit and Vegetables – When in season we have committed to 100% British produce on potatoes, carrots, cabbage, swede, onions and parsnips with plans to extend this even more to home grown fruit and vegetables.

Alternative heritage potatoes

Heritage varieties are most likely to be sourced direct from a local farmer. You should talk to the farmer about your plans in advance of the growing season so that he/she is able to make the necessary preparations.