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Blog: Why I Shop Locally and Buy British

Blog: Why I Shop Locally and Buy British

Blog: Why I Shop Locally and Buy British

 April Harris ( explains.......

Britain has a rich farming heritage, producing an abundance of fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Being an island, our seafood couldn’t be much fresher. We can also be proud of our artisanal producers; from speciality bakers to cheese makers, ice cream producers, makers of jam and chutneys and even wine and spirit producers, we really do have everything we need here in our green and pleasant land.

The majority of the food that my family and I eat is produced in Britain – some of it only a few miles from where we live. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, shopping locally and buying British is an easy, frugal and convenient choice. Why do I shop locally and buy British? Here are just a few of my reasons.


My nearest village shop is less than two miles away – walking distance in good weather. However if I need to carry more there is ample parking. Many local businesses also offer free delivery so it’s great for those who may not be able to walk or drive to the shops. Local farmers’ markets located in most British villages, towns and cities mean that even those of us in urban areas have easy access to delicious locally produced food.


My local butcher can tell me exactly what high welfare farms the meat I buy comes from. My greengrocer can also trace his fruit and vegetables back to individual farms and the baker can tell me exactly where the flour he uses has been grown and milled. And at the local farmers’ market, the producers are happy to share where they have grown and prepared the wares they have brought for sale.

Food miles
Buying locally means that my food doesn’t have to travel very far. It’s great for the environment and it’s an advantage to me because it means I can serve my family the freshest food possible.

It’s Fun

The butcher, baker, cheese monger and florist in our local village know every member of my family by name and even remember small, seemingly unimportant details about our lives. It makes a huge difference to our shopping experience as well as to our sense of community.


I know the suppliers and even some of the producers of my food by name. They take pride in their products and always sell the very best available. Quality is second to none.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t more expensive to shop locally. I am able to buy exactly the quantities I want and almost always spend less than I would in the supermarket where I’m seduced by multi-buys and things I don’t actually need simply because they are displayed in a way to catch my eye.

You can save money, support your community and our British economy by taking advantage of the wealth of high quality home produced food available in your local area. Everything you need to feed your family a healthy and balanced diet is produced in Britain and is more often than not available from small local producers. So next time you do your weekly shop, be sure to shop locally, buy British and Love British Food!