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Case Study: St Francis CE Primary School & Nursery, Bournville

Case Study: St Francis CE Primary School & Nursery, Bournville

Case Study: St Francis CE Primary School & Nursery, Bournville

Many different activities have been happening across the school with each year looking at the harvest, growing and cooking.  

Every class has cooked a British recipe, supported by the kitchen staff who have imparted their expertise and knowledge. Food has been provided via links with the local allotment, school families and staff. Classes have also been researching local growers and suppliers, and interviewed members of the school community about their gardening habits. The different year groups have been carrying out various activities:

-Reception have created faces using locally grown fruit such as apples and pears and carried out a food survey about which is the most popular traditional British food served at lunchtime.

-Year 1 made root vegetable soup and ‘healthy plates’ as well as playing grocery shopping.

-Year 2 investigated the journey of food to their plate. They will also be taking part in food shopping related problem solving in Maths and will be weighing food.

-Years 3 and 4 will designed and made their own greengrocers, a healthy eating poster as well as cooking apple crumble!

-Year 5 shared well known harvest poems and paintings and then creating their own. In Science, they researched a balanced diet and create a meal collage.

-Year 6 enjoyed bakery demonstration before then cooking their own traditional lemon Victoria sandwich cakes.

Parents were involved in the ‘Bournville Bake Off’ as they brought traditional British cakes using British ingredients to sell during our MacMillan Coffee morning. The whole school then took part in the harvest festival in church where there was a food collection, which was donated to the local B30 food bank.

“I have enjoyed exploring different aspects of food, especially when we made food sculptures - it was really good fun.” Mina Al-Gommer, Year 5

“The children have been really excited about our Harvest project. So much effort has been put into the various tasks and the children have such a good understanding of not only what kind of food is produced in our local area, but also where other food that we eat comes from. They have also been keen to share their produce by collecting for our local food bank and donating through links with our local Church.” Kathy Hadley, Class Teacher