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Restaurant of the Month: Wright Brothers, London

Restaurant of the Month: Wright Brothers, London

Restaurant of the Month: Wright Brothers, London

This month we take a look at the Wright Brothers restaurants, London.


Back then, in the UK, oysters were eaten by a select few in expensive restaurants. It was all very stuffy and formal and not much fun.

We approached the best chefs and told them about oysters. The word spread and more chefs started to use us as their oyster supplier.

We then decided to create our own oyster farm. In 2015 we decided it was time to prepare and serve oysters the way we wanted to. That’s when we opened our first restaurant – Wright Brothers Borough. We poured our sea to plate passion into this and now have four restaurants in London, each with their own character.

Our aim is and always will be to serve the best seafood in London. By best, we mean the freshest, the most accessible and the most fun.

Our restaurants are all unique. An Asian twist here, a classic feel there and a contemporary take or two in between. We get our seafood from our very own wholesale company and fisheries around the UK. In fact, most of it hails from the British Isles.

Why do you do what you do?

Desire for everyone to eat lots of oyster and seafood and realise all the great benefits of this.

What do you enjoy most about your job?


My work is very varied and there is so much variety. People are a big thing for me. I love all the people we work with including all our wonderful staff, guests and suppliers.

What’s do you enjoy the least about your job?

As a business grows, one can become removed from the hands on and everyday direct experience of which is the exciting and working end of the business

What achievement for the restaurant are you most proud of?

We opened our first restaurant in Borough almost 12 years ago, over the years we have had some wonderful review and won some awards which we are really proud of.

Angela Hartnett said we were her favourite restaurant in London (The Observers 'The 40 best restaurants in Britain'). She is a great chef so we were very proud of that.We were voted one of the top 100 best restaurants in the UK by OpenTable (2015/ 2016)

The Telegraph named Wright Brothers one of the best restaurants in London to eat oysters

Tatler also named Wright Brothers as one of their best oyster bars to visit in London

Do you use British Produce?

British produce is core to everything we do and accounts for the bulk of wholesale sales and what our guests eat in our restaurants.

What do you think is best about using British Produce?

Certainly when talking about British seafood and shellfish, it rates as some of the best in the world.

Why should people buy British?

Jobs and business in Britain depend on us buying British. We are an island surrounded with amazing products from the sea and we should all embrace that.

What is your most popular dish?

Oysters, it’s what we are known for. Our seafood platters are also very popular.