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Producer of the Month: Tristan Powter, Powters Sausages

Producer of the Month: Tristan Powter, Powters Sausages

Producer of the Month: Tristan Powter, Powters Sausages

We spoke to Tristan Powter a 5th generation sausage producer from Newmarket.

Background to Powters

Powters began making sausages in Newmarket in 1881, we're now in our 5th generation and still retain the same values that we built the brand on all that time ago - quality, honesty and the best possible taste in everything we produce. We're still very much artisan in the way we make our sausages. All of our meat comes from British farms and we still hand butcher our pork, mix our own spices and use natural sausage casings. We never compromise on what we produce and our mission is quite simple - bring better quality, better tasting sausages to the UK consumer! This year we were delighted to achieve further recognition for this in the form of four of the highly acclaimed 2017 Great Taste Awards. We also launched several new varieties of sausages and re styled our packaging. We're still based in Newmarket and are gaining wider recognition and availability both throughout the region as well as further afield. We like to think people are coming to realise the value of quality sausages and the superior taste that comes with this. Several new developments are in the Powters pipeline and when we're not busy making the sausages we'll be out and about with one of our shiny airstream sausage trailers taking the taste to the people! We like to see ourselves as a fun and friendly brand and you'll find us throughout the year at shows, events and food festivals connecting with our customers, talking sausages, cooking sausages and eating sausages!

Why do you do what you do?

I was born into the Powter family but spent my first few years working as a Solicitor which I found slightly dull. I'd always wanted to carry on the family brand and have had an interest throughout my life in the business. In 2016 i joined full time and have enjoyed working in what can be a challenging environment as a small food producer but also an exciting one. No day is the same and we're always thinking of new ways we can get the brand out to new people and gain new fans!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The varied nature of a small food business - no day is ever the same and there are always new things to be thinking about.

What do you least enjoy about your job?

Finding myself always tidying the rows of our sausage packets whenever I see them on a supermarket shelf!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Outside of work I enjoy running and outdoor sports including hiking, i walked the length of Italy in 2016 when I took some time out after leaving my previous job and then ran the London Marathon in 2017 so whilst i was fortunate enough to have the time to do both of these things i'm also pleased i accomplished them.

Why should we buy British produce?

We're a nation of great food lovers, we've got some fantastic produce in our country as well as expertise as producers. British meat has some of the highest welfare standards in the world and produced to very high quality assurances meaning it is also among the safest. We should support the farmers, businesses and brands in order to preserve our position as great food producers as well as our own economy - perhaps even more so now we are leaving the EU.

How do you think we should be promoting British?

By truly highlighting to the consumer the benefits that can be had from British food, inspiring young people through education in farming, food production and manufacturing in the UK and through widening consumer understanding as to the advantages of buying our own produce as opposed to imported goods.

If you were an advertising executive what slogan would you use to promote British food?

It's better if its British

What's on the menu this evening?

Sausages of course - actually a trial run of a new variety we have been looking into.

How can people get hold of your produce?

Find us in local supermarkets to East Anglia including Co-op, see our website or facebook page for stockist info (or you can even mail order online with free delivery)!

Find us:

Twitter: @eatpowters