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Producer of the month: Nutts Scotch Eggs

Producer of the month: Nutts Scotch Eggs

Producer of the month: Nutts Scotch Eggs

Nutts Scotch Eggs (Peter & Louise Nutt) are in their fourth year of producing a range of hand crafted scotch eggs. They are a specialist producer, so do not produce anything else but scotch eggs. This of course means they are experts in their field and something they are very proud of.  The business was started by accident; when running a kitchen franchise, Peter made some scotch eggs one day and in a pub where food was usually a challenge to sell, 10 scotch eggs disappeared in half an hour.  Lightbulb moment! Scotch eggs  became a regular thing for a while and the couple became known for their Scotch Eggs.  On the advice of the local bakery - Hills - they tried their first farmers market in Bleadon and sold out in two hours.

From there, the business grew rapidly, building a reputation for quality.  They now have a healthy portfolio of markets, wholesale customers in Somerset, as well as many successful food festivals, county shows, steam rallies and air days, where they are regular favourites.

As well as Peter & Louise in the business, they also employ a fantastic team of kitchen and market makers, who share the love of local food made well.

Why do you do what you do?

The success of our business is we believe in two key areas. We do not compromise on the quality or provenance of our product. We are proud of something that genuinely creates excitement at whatever event we are at. We've heard so many times from event organisers that they look upon us as market makers, in other words a reason to come along to their event. With feedback like that, and a product like ours, its easy to be motivated to do what we do every day!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Growing a brand from nothing! When we started four years ago, my brother in law Richard, knocked together a logo on his laptop to get us going. We had no marketing budget, but it got us off the ground. Then to see something you love start to grow and be loved by others, there's no better feeling! Nurturing that growth is something we both get a huge kick out of.

The development of over 30 flavours, including 7 vegetarian recipes, has been enormous fun too!

What do you least enjoy about your job?

Getting up early for market days! But, this lasts only until my first cuppa in the morning. Louise and I always do separate events on Saturdays, so the very last thing we say to each other before we leave the house is 'Happy People Sell!' Not very romantic is it! But it works for us.

What achievement are you most proud of?

So many to be honest. When we first started, we were selling a handful to people and that was great. But a local high end restaurant - The Cove - ordered 50 of our scotch eggs to put on their menu. For us, it was a defining moment. people that knew what they were doing in a high end food business showed faith in us and I'll never forget that. In January 2017, we made it to the shelves of Better Food in Bristol, three stores with a reputation for only allowing the best in their establishments. So to be there is a great achievement on its own. But this year will see our scotch eggs at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, for three of the race teams there as part of their trackside catering. We're hoping they want their produce delivered in person!

Why should we buy British produce?

Provenenance and quality. The two things should not be mutually exclusive in our opinion. Supporting British food means a stronger economy for all of us, which in turn, provides us all with a stronger platform to supply from.

How do you think we should be promoting British?

British food should be incentivised, so that we are encouraged to buy British. Subsidy would help, but I doubt that will ever come. Therefore, its down to producers like us to really bang the drum for the quality of what we offer and produce something that people want to buy. 

If you were an advertising executive what slogan would you use to promote British food?

Eat local, Eat well, Eat British

What's on the menu this evening?

Shoulder of lamb from Berrow Beef and Lamb, strawberries from Draycott. Cider from Ham Hill Cider.

How can people get hold of your produce?

As well as regular pitches at Wells market every Saturday, monthly visits to various other farmers markets, there are also around 15 stores that take our produce.  Find out where on Facebook and our website and we are soon launching online purchasing.

Facebook: NuttsScotchEggs

Twitter: @NuttsForEggs