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Producer of the Month: Alistair Wilson, T Wilson & Sons (Farmers) Ltd, Merseyside

Producer of the Month: Alistair Wilson, T Wilson & Sons (Farmers) Ltd, Merseyside

Producer of the Month: Alistair Wilson, T Wilson & Sons (Farmers) Ltd, Merseyside

T Wilson & Sons (farmers) Ltd  is a family business, based in Rainford, Merseyside, that has been trading for over 35 years, started by supplying wholesale markets in Preston, Liverpool and Manchester and local greengrocers. It was set up a small pack house in the early 90’s as the company could see the potential of pre-packing produce. At present day we are growing, processing, packing and transporting, all of our crops which include brassicas (Cauliflower, broccoli, savoy cabbage, pointed cabbage and Brussel sprouts), root crops (carrots and leeks) and salads (iceberg lettuce, little gem, romaine and celery) which are grown in Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. All of our produce is destined for supermarkets and the catering trade. We are investing in field harvesting techniques and washing, processing and packing equipment.

  • Why do you do what you do?

Because when it all goes to plan, the job gives you great satisfaction.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different, not knowing what could happen or issues you’re going to have keep you on edge. The enjoyments of seeing a seed or a plant grow through the season to harvest.

  • What do you least enjoy about your job?

Seeing good produce going to waste if there isn’t a market for it.

  • What achievement are you most proud of?

Getting to the final of the farmers weekly awards, and passing my BASIS and FACTs examinations! Hosting our first open farm Sunday and seeing young people really excited about how there food is grown.

  • Why should we buy British produce? 

Because it’s the best there is, produced the best possible way! We need to promote British produce as a way of sustaining production and the environment.

  • How do you think we should  be promoting British? 

Fresh, tasty and attractive food! We need to educate young children, and young families. They are next generation of shoppers. Food needed to be bought and prepared in a theatre like way. Involve as many family members as possible!

  • If you were an advertising executive, what slogan would you use to promote British food?

Union jack, and the word British, or local wherever you can! I think the main thing when buying produce is appearance, so less packaging the better!

  • What's on the menu this evening?

Friday night, steak night. Hand cut chips, carrots and broccoli.

  • How can people get hold of your produce? 

Aldi supermarkets, when eating out though various restaurants’ and pubs. Veg boxes. For more information, visit and follow @twilsonandsons on Twitter