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Blog: Launching into Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015

Blog: Launching into Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015

Blog: Launching into Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015

Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015 has been launched!  All the foodie news from Emsworth can be enjoyed each week with a new blog, the first of which we are delighted to be able to share...



A pop, some fizz, a few well timed snaps and we are off! The Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015 was launched last weekend at the Hampshire Farmers' Market. After a successful photo shoot down on the quay, some key figures and familiar faces gathered to raise a glass to a summer filled with planting, growing and planning for a rich harvest of food events to take place at the end of September.

My name is Lois and I am going to be following the Food Fortnight throughout the summer, helping, where I can, to see the triumphs of last year’s event return and new ideas to grow into what will be a fabulous two week celebration. As a recent graduate of English Literature from Cardiff University, with a passion for all things edible, I couldn’t resist a slice of the opportunity lying right on my doorstep. I am local girl, born and bred in Westbourne, and I feel fortunate to be have been brought up experiencing the simple delights of shopping on Emsworth’s independent high street and eating the quality produce available there. Now I am home again, sticking my nose into the business of the Emsworth British Food Fortnight (EBFF) and sharing what I have to say about it here, in this Blog.

As previously mentioned, last weekend we dedicated the morning to capturing some promotional material to use in the build up to the fortnight and importantly, in the programme of events that will be available around Emsworth from the 31st of August. The pictures, inspired by the this year’s key words (Education, Community, Celebration) tell a story of the spirit of Emsworth and will be unveiled over the coming weeks. Without giving too much away, I must say it was both moving and amusing watching the shoot come together. While I was running props up and down the quay-side, ushering boat owners with power tools out of the frame and basically doing whatever anybody told me to do, the stars of the show gathered on the foreshore, breathing in the fresh stench of harbour mud we have all come to know and love. Joe Russel, a local student from St. James’ Primary school, was brave enough to don his school uniform on a Saturday, while our very own Alistair Gibson had to sacrifice his shoes and hobble around barefoot on the cold stones, mostly getting in the way. Why not see if you can spot who has borrowed his boat shoes when the pictures are released? I’ll give you a clue, they are somewhat ill-fitted!


After the shoot, the whole team migrated up to a corner of the Hampshire Farmer’s Market (held monthly in South Street car park) to meet and represent just some of the sponsors, producers and business owners who are vital in driving the success of this year’s upcoming event. With Emsworth’s own, hand carved wooden trophy from Love British Food for winning ‘the biggest annual, national celebration of British food and drink’ last year as the centrepiece, the Emsworth British Food Fortnight 2015 was officially launched. I sipped on locally produced sparkling wine from Hambledon Vineyard, chatted with strangers and old friends, watched as passers-by chose unique and delicious produce from the surrounding stalls and felt truly moved by the intentions spoken of for this year’s event. Emsworth has an undeniably strong platform to work from; a scenic seaside town with a history boasting food festivals, food production and an independent high street, upheld by constant hard work and support from local residence. Not only will the Food Fortnight be a showcase of everything that Emsworth is proud of, it will, perhaps more importantly still, be a vehicle to bring food appreciation to ever more people, help those in need and offer a way for everyone in the community to get involved.

Catch my Blog each week, expand your appetite for beautiful British food and see how September is shaping up and who is doing what to get involved!

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