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Case Study: Grow Your Own Volunteer Project

Case Study: Grow Your Own Volunteer Project

Case Study: Grow Your Own Volunteer Project

The Grow Your Own Volunteer Project welcomed the Challenge Network (a national charity that was founded in 2009), the Wildlife Trust and Abundance Preston to the 3rd Annual Apple Harvest day on Saturday 27th September 2014.

The mission was to connect and inspire people, to strengthen their communities, bringing together over 80 local people across all generations, ethnic groups and incomes to build a stronger society within Lancashire.

The Apple Harvest Day included:

A wonderful morning in the orchard collecting and gathering apples that have been used to feed patients and wider community.

Followed by an afternoon of healthy outdoor exercise in the Grow Your Own Garden , building scarecrows , crushing and juicing apples for everyone to taste, tasting fresh strawberries, tomatoes, cape gooseberries and peppers straight from the project Polytunnel's along with challenging each other with karaoke and old style fun fair games made from recycled products .

The Grow Your own project continues and other activities include:

  • Juicing apples on Preston Flag Market for the general public to try as part of mental Health week on Saturday the 4th October.
  • Juicing apples for the annual NHS Forest conference on the 7th October,
  • Donating apples to Broughton high School which will be used at their annual apple day, and the Abundance team Preston have also distributed apples to the wider community.

"The day was brilliant, seeing so many people come together and volunteer their time and be able to make stronger community bonds and help make fresh produce available to the community is so fulfilling. To see so many young adults challenging themselves and benefiting from the experience was brilliant" Elizabeth Harrison, Volunteer project Lead.

"Today was great , I enjoyed being able to show people the growing area and to see them try the organic produce was good, explaining to the group how important keeping honey bees on site and the connection they have with the food chain was very rewarding" Liam Campbell, LCFT Trust Volunteer.