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Case Study: Small Retailers Sherston Post Office and Londis Peverills

Case Study: Small Retailers Sherston Post Office and Londis Peverills

Case Study: Small Retailers Sherston Post Office and Londis Peverills

Sherston Post Office has a strong focus on local products with most of their suppliers being from within a 30 mile radius. They organised fun promotional activities during the two weeks of British Food Fortnight. Holding a different promotional activity each day, on the first day of the Fortnight they offered every customer a fresh bacon roll reared from a farm a couple of miles away. Other activities includes “roll a 6” to receive a free jar of mustard, toss a coin to receive a fresh baked loaf of bread half price, and special offers on 25 British food favourites.

In the second year of participation they ran more offers on produce from local suppliers and made a special announcement - that they would source all of their milk from purely West Country dairies. The Fortnight was promotedvia750 handouts delivered locally, British Food Fortnight Posters in-store, a banner outside the shop plus Union Jack signs and flags around the store.

The shop has been building local supplier relationships for over 5 years and they do this by:

1) Asking existing wholesalers.

2) Visiting food fairs to find good local sources from the area.

3) Visiting other stores to see what local foods they stock.

4) Calling around contacts in the area to finding new products.

The positive effects of the promotion included increasing awareness and reputation of the store’s existence and the products it stocks, an increase in staff satisfaction as employees took part in fun activities each day, strengthened relationships with existing customers and in some cases increased the spending per individual.

Sales of some of the 25 products that were on offer during the 2 weeks of British Food Fortnight were also increased and the store was featured in two local papers.

The organisers suggest that a strong relationship between retailer and supplier is important; if you explain your involvement supplier may give you offers so you can promote offers to customers and that involvement in the Fortnight is definitely worth it – not for immediate benefit but for the long term.

Organiser Paul Mather said “We had great fun during the Fortnight and the staff had a great time too. It definitely lifted spirits and made us all come together”

Case Study - Londis Peverills:

The owner of Londis Peverills organised a BBQ/tasting day, featuring a range ofBritish meats (chicken, pork,turkey, beef) marinated in ahomemade sauce.Thepromotionwas advertisedonline and in the local newspaper, as well as posters in-store.

Sales on the day were up by £400 and sales of the week were up by £1,000 and 25 bottles of the marinated sauce sold in the 3 hours of the event. Customers wanted to imitate the recipe at home and thus sales of the ingredients used (various meats, honey, lemon etc) increased significantly.

A special promotion or tasting was also organised every day, which boosted sales too.

Tips from the organiser include;

  • Think about the timing of your tasting session. Noon is normally a good time as customers will have already had a leisurely breakfast and will just be thinking about their lunch plans.
  • Don’t try and focus on too many promotions as it can overwhelm the customers. Select a few specific promotions and really make sure you promote them well.
  • Give yourself time. Plan your activities in advance.