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Case Study: Nottingham University Hospital

Case Study: Nottingham University Hospital

Case Study: Nottingham University Hospital

Who is NUH?

Nottingham University Hospital serves 1800 meals each day to patients on wards and these are created using fresh local ingredients with 77% of its raw ingredients spend going on local ingredients such as meat, fresh produce, bakery products and milk.

What they did

Nottingham residents were asked earlier in the year to tell the hospital what their favourite meals are to help inform the next leg of the NUH Memory Menu.Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust launched its first ever ‘Memory Menu’ to encourage patients to tuck in and help with their recovery, as well as helping older people eat well.This menu replaced the previous hospital mealtime menu for patients on hospital wards.The Memory Menu was presented at the HCA National Leadership & Development Forum 2018, Jonathan Ashworth MP, Shadow Secretary for Health visited Nottingham University in the same week and praised the Memory Menu at the event during his keynote speech.

The concept is simple and a good example of the power of 4 (patients, nursing, dietetics and catering). The public of Nottingham were asked to tell the hospital what dishes would tempt them to eat when they feel poorly.From feedback it was clear that comforting dishes, often those eaten during childhood, or local dishes, were popular rather than modern dishes.Suggested included roast dinner, stew and dumpling, pies and soups, with puddings such as sponge and custard, fruit crumble and Nottingham favourite – cornflake tart.The current menu contains over 50% of dishes chosen by the public of Nottingham and these are highlighted by a clear ‘memory menu’ logo.


Who benefited?

Over 600 patients at Nottingham University Hospital each day benefit from the Memory Menu.

As Chris Neal, Head of Catering at NUH said: “The Memory Menu is designed by patients for patients and I am passionate about the work we have done here since launch as it really makes a difference to helping promote better recovery for patients.If people like what they are eating and are given some options in choosing what is on offer it will help.Nutrition is the main form of medicine – if patients are eating well it can help them with their recovery.”

Public feedback is already being gathered for an update on the menu, including targeted work from carers of people living with dementia, the culturally diverse population and those with learning difficulties.