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Case Study: HCA and NHS Trusts

Case Study: HCA and NHS Trusts

Case Study: HCA and NHS Trusts

The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) is a hub for nutrition and catering advice and best practice for the trade. It champions the sourcing and use of local and seasonal food in hospital meals. In 2014 Love British Food joined forces with the HCA to release a comprehensive guide for Hospital Caterers packed with tips and ideas for taking part in British Food Fortnight. It contained sections on sourcing locally and seasonally, suggestions for recipes and children’s activities, plus ways to involve the whole hospital community in harvest activities.

Andy Jones, National Chair of HCA said of the partnership:

We are delighted to be working with Love British Food to promote activities during British Food Fortnight. The two weeks are a great reminder for caterers and their suppliers that they should think about incorporating local and seasonal produce into their cooking.

By making small changes to purchasing patterns and menus, we can make a big difference to the quality of healthcare catering in the long term.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation got involved with British Food Fortnight asstaff at the Trust's Ellen Badger, Leamington and Warwick hospitals brought in a range of items that they had grown in their own back gardens as part of a harvest share day.

The aim was to encourage people to share any extra produce they’ve grown with others and show the variety of items that can be grown at home in the garden. It was hoped that this would not only increase the amount of fresh fruit and veg we eat but also the amount we grow ourselves. The day didn’t just celebrate produce that was grown at home, however, as staff and patients at Ellen Badger Hospital were able to try the home made harvest soup which included vegetables cultivated in the Hospital's garden.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trustran a two week menu that had additional food choices in their restaurants. One day was dedicated to highlighting how fresh and local produce was used on the menus and even the patient’s menus had extra choices.