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Case Study: Hampshire Fare

Case Study: Hampshire Fare

Hampshire Fare celebrates British Food Fortnight - Competition Winners 2018!

Hampshire Fare continued its mission to spread the strong message of British Food Fortnight amongst the county’s younger generation. Local producers ran sessions for Year 5 pupils at Bartley Junior School near Southampton.

Accompanied by Honesty Group; Lyburn Farm; New Forest Fruits and Naked Jam, Hampshire Fare hosted three sessions attended by over ninety pupils. Children learnt about the life of a dairy farmer, how real bread is made, growing and picking fruit and using it to make jam.

Pupils learnt how the different foods are made and then they had the opportunity to sample cheese, bread and fruits and ask plenty of questions. One pupil who admitted, “I usually only like to eat cheese strings”, was spotted coming back in during the break asking the dairy farmer for more cheese samples!

The pupils were clearly inspired by the producers and their jobs with one child telling a member of the Hampshire Fare staff: “I am trying to decide if I want to become a baker or a cheesemaker when I am older.”

Rob Walter, the lead member of staff from the school commented on the activities: “The event was fun and fascinating, with local producers wowing the children with their lovely products and their descriptions of how they were produced and brought to market. The children had a great time, some delicious treats and they learned a lot!

It is very important to make the children aware of the variety of the area's local produce and how they can support British food producers. Events like today's help to give the children a greater appreciation of what is grown and reared in the local environment. It helps them understand where their food comes from and the fact that it does not just appear on supermarket shelves!”

A large part of Hampshire Fare’s work around British Food Fortnight is building a legacy so that schools and organisations across the county continue to mark the national celebration after Hampshire Fare has worked with them. This year was rather special as Katie Rose-Taylor from Hampshire Fare returned to Wicor Primary School, the first school we visited in 2015 to see how our British Food Fortnight seed has grown.

It was clear that three years on the format is still going strong. Katie spent the morning make cheese with year 1 and 2 pupils with Mike from Lyburn Farm, she was impressed by how proactive the school is around British Food Fortnight: “The school was buzzing with activities run by local producers. The pupils were really excited by the opportunity to get hands on and asked lots of questions.”

Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S), worked closely with Hampshire Fare last year to gain an insight into our activities with schools. This year they accompanied us to Bartley School and also devised ways to weave the British Food Fortnight theme into their work with schools.

Hampshire Fare reached out to The Lantern Community in Ringwood to ask for their creative skills to make props for the Winchester Cathedral Harvest display. Once again, the talented group of adults with learning disabilities came up trumps with an eye-catching farmer chicken and skipping fruit! Hampshire Fare placed these in the cathedral during the Harvest Festival Weekend (6th and 7th October) which involved a local producer market in the cathedral grounds. Despite the wet weather on Saturday, the event was well attended with lots of people sampling and buying products from the local producers


Hampshire Fare attended the ‘A Thought for Food Market’ organised by Emsworth to hand out Local Produce Guides. The event involved lots of local producers and was a fabulous opportunity for consumers to find out more about the story behind their food.

Our activities were also supported with online awareness raising via social media and the Hampshire Fare website. Features included a piece highlighting different faces of the local food and farming community, view online here and one around the theme of the terroir of the county, view here.

Hampshire Fare were awarded winner of the competition in November 2018 with judges comments including:

Raymond Blanc - this event is growing and the team who put this together are so passionate and committed about supporting and promoting the talented local produce and craft communities.  I love the fact the children get so inspired and learn so much.

Candice Brown - Supporting farmers, local produce and encouraging children to taste and try things they hadn't previously. Also learning from people who know the best - the farmers! Encouraging interaction between schools, community and farmers is so important in supporting British food and educating everyone.

Co-op - Hampshire Fare have succeeded to bring food to life for the younger generation, with a farm to fork approach.  They provided resources to schools to help them spread the message.