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Case Study: Cucina

Case Study: Cucina

By Abigail Holt

Cucina are delighted to share with you our British Food Fortnight 2018, celebrating British classics through the ages and sharing our love of all things 'British' with the many students and staff we caterer for.

This year we decided rather than displaying what our chefs could do, we would spotlight and reminisce on favourite dishes we have all enjoyed over the years with an ever changing economy. We looked into dishes from 1920 to today which saw Britain through times of ration, economic financial crisis to decades of booming business and brand new high street favourites.

Over the 49 schools we cater for, there are over 55,000 students that now eat in our restaurants rather than bringing packed lunches.  We have forecast this figure to increase dramatically over the next few years and hope that many more students get to enjoy 'Brtish Food Fortnight' year on year.


Surprisingly many of our dishes were recognised and loved by many. Some were regional such as the 'Bedfordshire Toothpaste Tart'which our students were intrigued by and now have a new favourite cake-stand item and some were simply dishes which were made to feed many on a low budget....our 1940's special of Corned Beef Hash was enjoyed by many.

As well as covering a new decade each day with two or three specials, we decided this year we would also involve the local community. Our chefs were asked to make their own homemade jams and chutneys and these were taken to Chelmsford Cathedral Harvest Festival for the procession to enjoy. All the jams and chutneys were made from produce picked locally which made them even more special! It was great to be a part of such a well loved event!

We also took our homemade bread to Emsworth Farmers market promoting Love British Food and showing off the talents of a few of our Cucina chefs Emsworth do such a great amount of work for Love British Food and it was great to get involved with their market this year.

Here at Cucina, we are extremely passionate about British produce and the benefits of purchasing locally. Many of our sites now use local butchers, bakers and farm shops to supply their produce.