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Case Study: Conway Primary School

Case Study: Conway Primary School

As Conway Primary school's first British Food Fortnight event, we decided to cook and taste the great British classic Apple and Blackberry Crumble. The apples and blackberries were picked by the children and community gardening group from the heritage orchard planted in partnership with Forest School Birmingham 3 years ago. 

The following week the kitchen staff at the school created the classic pudding and served it alongside school dinners for the school's pupils, community gardening group and staff to taste. The children really wanted to try the crumble when they knew that the apples had been grown by them in the school orchard" said Mrs L Begum one of the dinner supervisors..

To communicate the event to the parents, a letter was sent home outlining the event and including the Apple and Blackberry Crumble recipe. We used English apples Cox and Brambly to create the recipe and encourage parents to do the same

The children were keen to try the pudding, a girl from Year 5 said "I tasted the apples we grew - they were delicious" and the head chef recounted how one of the children quizzed her about where the apples came from and how they ended up in the kitchen! We chose to make this pudding as we had the fruit growing in the garden and wanted the children and the parents to understand that harvest, even in the inner city, can be a time of celebration. 

Highlighting the low food miles and organic benefits of food picked on the doorstep was discussed with the Year 3, 4 and 5's during the Food Fortnight, as well as the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.