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Buying Meat by Fori

Buying Meat by Fori

Unfortunately, meat is currently in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

“Red meat causes cancer” “Beef farming is killing our planet” “Farm animals are kept in ill-humane conditions” … the list goes on.

However, how much of this is true? With the rise of veganism, fake news and a whole host of marketing skulduggery, false information could be making its way on to your new streams and as a consequence influencing your decisions when it comes to eating meat.

Now, we would never choose to question your decision to eat meat or not, however if you are going to eat meat, at least make sure there is some thought behind your purchase to it being the right meat. This blog hopes to debunk some myths and highlight the importance of buying local.

Put your money where your mouth is

A happier and healthier animal will produce better meat. FACT. Therefore, why do us as consumers want to continually drive down the price of meat. If we are unwilling to pay more for meat, unfortunately the quality of meat will suffer, therefore give some thought towards the meat your buying and maybe sacrifice one of the weekly coffees for the slightly higher priced joint.

Grass Fed VS Grain Fed

An animal that has access to a diet natural to them, who is also free to forage within it’s natural surroundings will ultimately be a superior product.

Grass Fed Beef has a whole host of nutritional benefits vs grain fed, check out just a few below-

Food for thought?

Is eating meat bad for us? Or, is it us eating the wrong type of meat that is bad for us?!

Buying British

When you go shopping, do you ever question or look where your meat comes from?!

Do you realise the majority of meat products on your shelves today may not necessarily be from Britain?! I went to eat a ‘ready to eat’ meat snack today, to find out the chicken came all the way from Thailand?! … Yes, you heard correctly, Thailand.

Most of the information on our news feed is about other countries farming methods, but did you know in Britain, we have some of the highest welfare standards in the world. Also, we ensure no growth-promoting hormones are fed to our cows or sheep in the UK and antibiotics are only administered if prescribed by a vet.

Our beef industry alone is the envy of the world and sought after by farmers in other countries. Also, due to our fortunate rolling hills and fresh green countryside, British animals can live within their natural habitat and not have to be cooped up in barns 24/7.

Supporting Local

If there is one thing we ask you to take on board as a result of this blog, is something that we are very passionate about at Fori HQ. Sourcing locally. Buying directly from a local farm shop, butchers or farmers market comes with a higher guarantee of a short supply chain. It can also mean higher British welfare standards, not only this, but it can help to keep the cost down, by cutting out the middleman. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to help support local businesses and keep British agriculture thriving.