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Blog: What Makes a Real Pie

Blog: What Makes a Real Pie

Blog: What Makes a Real Pie

This month's blog comes from Brett Hornby at The Real Pie Company, who explains what makes a 'Real Pie'

The Real Pie Company: Mouthwateringly Good Pies for Pie Lovers

When it comes to popular foods in the UK, the pie is definitely up there with the best of them. Pies have remained a staple part of the UK food industry for many years and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. With so many variations on the standard pie and a whole spectrum of flavours and qualities available, the question remains - what makes a real pie?

Freshly Baked Delicious Pies from The Real Pie Company

The Real Pie Company first took form almost 18 years ago by my mother and father-in-law, who at the time ran a small village butchers, decided on a new business venture - they began making pies for their customers. The pies quickly grew in popularity and as the customers based increased, all of whom loved the pies so much, they decided to start a dedicated pie kitchen to cope with the demand. This is where the freshly baked, home-cooked style of The Real Pie Company pies that you know today began.

All pies we bake are baked in small batches under the watchful eyes of professional chefs, this means every pie is freshly baked to perfection. The Real Pie Company pies are all cooked using locally sourced products, wherever possible but always British. It is these principles that allow for uncompromisingly wholesome, delicious pies to be delivered fresh and is what makes us different.

What Makes a Real Pie?

Regardless of filling, flavour and food preferences there are a number of different aspects that work together to create what is considered a Real Pie. Real Pies always feel heavy and this is because we ‘cram them to the crust’; meaning each and every one is filled with deliciously mouthwatering chunks of meat in a rich gravy, right to the very top. Not only does this add to the taste of a Real Pie, but it means each pie is filling, enjoyable and value for money.

When it comes to making a Real Pie, the process cannot be rushed. All the meat used is slow cooked to ensure it is tender and succulent, adding to the great taste. This meat is then combined with a light puff pastry top and a short crust base, which are created in line with a unique family recipe, to create the Real Pie. These small details and the effort to only hand bake each and every pie is what makes a Real Pie different, and we are only too happy to go this extra mile to provide our customers with high quality pies. Try one of our Real Pies today and see for yourself - you’re unlikely to go back to a generic pie afterwards! Real Pies are for pie lovers and the difference in taste is what helps us stand out from the rest.