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Blog: The Kitchen, Falmouth

Blog: The Kitchen, Falmouth


Two Dutch friends enter the space

One pregnant

Two teas - one with milk

Not the way round you’d expect

Coats off, mother tongue on

Must feel at home. Mug rested on her belly.


In Cornwall, the larder stretches from the sea to the shoreline, from the land to woods. How lucky we are to have such opportunities, creating common goals to work within our communities. We support each other and want to express that with this creation. So we don’t import anything, and most is on the doorstep. All freshly grown, shot or foraged.

We wanted the best Kitchen in the best Home, and that was as far as our business plan went. We needed a larger kitchen anyway, ours was far too small.

One of us makes pretty places, the other makes pretty plates.

Scottish had a work, ‘Sgiomlaireachd’ – the uncanny ability to turn up at mealtime. Come and do that.

We want to show you what you can do when you live and work honestly, behave to everyone like you would an old friend, focus on your community and source produce according to the land and the seasons.


We (Rory and Ben) wanted to keep bees and be the first people outside of New Zealand to successfully harvest Manuka honey. Growing trees and keeping bees sounded like a good motto and we wanted to work together on a project that benefitted the land around us.

Along the way, the plans evolved and tangentrified into opening a café/restaurant within a re-blooming community in a previously sleepy section of Falmouth. It only took half a pint and some drizzly rain to convince us that the Old Brewery Yard was the right place and a good fit.

Coming from a background in food, it’s been long overdue for Ben have his own creative freedom on a menu, and that’s concluded with a fastidious passion for local produce, low waste and a largely improvised method of plating. Come and order one of three daytime dishes, with your choice of vegetarian, meat of the day or fish of the day, and you’ll be greeted with colourful, textural, embellished plates of food. Come back in an hour and order the same and you’ll be treated to a different medley of ingredients and flavours.

The evenings are where things step up another notch. Offering an array of 7-9 starter-sized sharing plates, designed specifically for two to work their way through, you’ll end up with artfully crafted dishes and roughly 40 ingredients in your belly.

The guy who does the other bits (Rory) has no experience in hospitality to speak of, but is an Artist who deals with concepts like the Home, trying to create them wherever he goes. So naturally The Kitchen was an extension of his art and the décor reflects that. The furnishings are all from wood sourced in Cornwall and made with the help of stellar local carpenters and designers.

When you decide on The Kitchen we want you to feel like you’re at a dinner party at a friend’s house rather than out at a restaurant. Service doesn’t come with a plastic smile but with genuine warmth.

The most important thing to take away is the feeling of inclusivity, that you were at a home, felt at home, licked your plates clean, took off your shoes if you felt like it.

The Kitchen


4 Old Brewery Yard


TR11 2BY

Facebook: @TheKitchenFal

Instagram: @thekitchenfalmouth

Twitter: @BenCoxhead