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Blog: Story behind Co-op Irresistible Crisps

Blog: Story behind Co-op Irresistible Crisps

As a supplier of Co-op Irresistible Hand Cooked Potato Crisps we are committed to producing high quality, deliciously seasoned products, all year round. We work closely with a co-operative of potato growers who are all based in the locality of our farm in Herefordshire. Our growers visit the farm weekly to meet the buying and technical teams. Creating the perfect hand cooked crisp requires close collaboration at all stages to ensure that quality prevails from potato seed to the finished packet. The potato varieties we use are specially selected throughout the year to deliver the best fry, crunch and curl to make an Irresistible crisp. Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta, Taurus and Olympia potatoes are suited to the soil conditions here in Herefordshire, and once harvested they are thickly cut and hand cooked in small batches every day to make the best crisps.

Our seasoning recipes are achieved by working closely with established seasoning houses to develop unique and delicious blends, free from artificial ingredients. Provenance is key for all ingredients and as our seasonings are made specifically for the Co-op, they are always produced according to their stringent ingredient policy. This collaborative approach to developing seasonings means that our seasoning house can deliver the taste of a complete dish, or food trend onto a crisp, which can be tweaked even further by the Co-op developer according to exact consumer tastes.

The result is a tasty, hand cooked crisp seasoned to perfection.

Producer of Co-op Irresistible Hand Cooked Potato Crisps