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Blog: How to buy British foods for less

Blog: How to buy British foods for less

Buying British produce and products has many benefits, but a major misconception about buying British is that it might come at a heftier price tag. Certainly, whilst some goods can come cheaper from overseas at certain times of year, there are still plenty of ways to buy British for less. Here is our guide to buying home grown produce without breaking the bank:

Buy seasonally

If you follow the seasons more closely, you will find that locally produced goods and products are available much cheaper as they are seasonally available. This means that you can eat the very best (and most natural) produce at the right time of year, as well as at their most affordable pricing point. Keep this in mind before you buy exotic fruits, for instance, in the dead of winter!

Buy in bulk wherever possible

If you have a decently sized freezer, there are plenty of British products that will hold up well – particularly fish, chicken, pork and beef. Buy items in bulk, either freeze them as they are, or cook them and freeze portions in order to save yourself a lot of time and money. You can have healthy meals of soups, sauces and more on hand for when you really need them, instead of buying pre-packaged produce from overseas. These will also be a lot cheaper than ready-meals, and also mean you can take advantage of buying in bulk upfront.

Throw away less

Follow top tips from Student Money Saver – on portioning, food storage and freezing.

Consider home brands and basics ranges

British products don’t always come at the higher end of the market; there are plenty of items produced in Britain that form part of basic or home brand ranges in store. These products are often more affordable, and they normally don’t sacrifice much quality.

Take advantage of local markets or food growers

Local markets are often stocked with locally grown goods, and also have the benefit of often being able to offer great deals. Whenever you are out on a trip through the countryside, in particular, you can often pick up great deals on freshly grown and locally made produce that is being sold by the farmer or family that made it. Prices tend to be low from a small family outlet, and you therefore have the benefit of a quality product at a great price.