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Blog: Helping Hands by Rachel Wheble

Blog: Helping Hands by Rachel Wheble

Helping Hands

When I was just 3 years old, I remember my farmer Dad spilling grain on the barn floor. I desperately wanted to help so I rushed over and with my tiny hands and started to gather up the grain. My Dad returned with a shovel (which was probably a much more practical option!) but that seems to be our ‘Farmers Daughter’ defining moment.

My Dad farms over 400 acres of grade 1 agricultural land in the beautiful county of Lancashire.

No matter how hard I try I can never escape the farm. I am at heart always a farmer’s daughter and that means whenever I am called I will always be there; to climb on machinery, help fix, more, manoeuvre, drive, clean and generally be the second pair of hands; the helping hands.

My unspoken, unwritten ‘Farmers Daughter’ job description is never ending, and massively varied.

I pay the bills and keep the books, I complete the paperwork and submit all the details, I keep on top of the expanding amount of paperwork farmers have the adhere to in this modern age of farming…and my Dad….well he does what he loves….my Dad does the farming.

Rachel Wheble works part time for The Co-op as a Member Pioneer supporting local Co-op members, colleagues, local causes, food stores and funeral homes to make a positive difference in their local communities.  


Rachel’s love is people, communities and local food.

Twitter: @southportrachel