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Blog: Cheers to the year's cheesiest celebration!

Blog: Cheers to the year's cheesiest celebration!

Cheers to the year’s cheesiest celebration!

By Diane Cox, Master Cheese-Grader, Wyke Farms.

During her time at Wyke Farms, Diane’s expert nose and cheesy predictions have helped the Clothier family, become one of the most decorated cheese-makers in the world.

A cheeseboard is one of those festive foodie traditions that most families wouldn’t be without. That’s why, at Wyke Farms we’re dubbing the upcoming festivities: ‘Cheesemas’!

As a family-run business, nestled deep in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, we can’t think of anything better than enjoying an array of cheeses selected for their delicious flavour and quality, and although during my career I’ve tried some fantastic cheeses from all over the world, you truly cannot beat a great British cheeseboard!

So, with little reason to resist, I’ve made note of some of my favourite British cheeses which are sure to enlighten the taste-buds of any cheese-lover over the festive period. It would be a cheesy shame not to give them a go!

Wishing you all a very Merry Cheesemas, from our family to yours.

A Vintage Cheddar as special as the lady who first made it…

It goes without saying you cannot create a cheeseboard without a well-matured Vintage Cheddar. One that crumbles as you cut, and melts at first taste alongside a fine chutney.

Ivy’s Vintage Special Recipe Cheddar goes through a careful maturation period, for no fewer than 15 months. This is Cheddar at it’s very best, it has a smooth silky texture with a slight crunch. The flavour is 'rounded' balancing the sweet notes with creaminess and nuttiness.

Over the years this recipe has won more awards than any other Cheddar and is currently loved in over 150 countries –which is why it is kept locked away in a safe at Wyke Farms. It truly is as special as the lady who first made it.

Wyke Farms range of award-winning Cheddar’s can be found and purchased online here.

Curds & Croust Cornish Comforts

To compliment a Cheddar, I always ensure a soft cheese such as Brie is included.

A personal favourite is ‘Miss Wenna’. A Cornish Brie hand crafted by Curds & Croust. Mellow smooth and creamy with a delicate velvety rind, over her life, she softens, the aroma intensifies but she remains creamy and delicious. 

I also can’t get enough of The Truffler. Another Cornish Brie, made by Curds & Croust, The Truffler has a truly unique character which will surprise and excite your palate. Its wild truffle tones are devilishly flavoursome, making this mould ripened cheese truly unique and one that is often nosed out by the cheese connoisseur.

Both Brie’s are easy to order online here.

Heavenly Oak Smoked Cheddar…

Dubbed the ‘Best Smoked Cheddar’ at the World Cheese Awards this year, Godminster’s Oak Smoked Cheddar brings a smoky Somerset flavour to the cheeseboard. It’s a Cheddar which will get your guests talking and is a great gift idea too!

Seriously Scrumptious Stilton...

I always add a Blue cheese.

Thomas Hoe Stevenson Aged Mini Blue Stilton made by Long Clawson Dairy is a firm favourite. This signature Blue Stilton is aged for longer than most stilton’s for a more mellow, balanced flavour and a creamier texture. Unlike other aged cheeses, Stilton becomes milder and mellows with age, so our Mature Stilton makes a perfect introduction to blue cheese.

Lovely and Distinct Red Leicester

Last, but not least, I always include a Red Leicester. Rounded and mellow in flavour, I always find it compliments all the other cheeses chosen for the cheeseboard.

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