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Blog: 5 Tips on Food Photography, by British Corner Shop

Blog: 5 Tips on Food Photography, by British Corner Shop

Blog: 5 Tips on Food Photography, by British Corner Shop

Food photography is quite a hard thing to get right! So many different factors come into play; whether it’s lighting, arrangement, props, equipment, not to mention the food has to look attractive!

At British Corner Shop (, we’ve been creating a delicious eBook full of British recipes that really take advantage of the great produce that the United Kingdom has. As we’re helping take the British Food Fortnight celebration international, we wanted to utilise the British goods that we sell and ship to those abroad in need of some British happiness.

In order to compliment the recipes in our eBook, The Great British Cookbook, we had to take some good photographs of the dishes and we learnt a lot during our experience.

We’re not professional photographers, but we found some good hacks to help those who want to photograph their British creations during British Food Fortnight! Be warned though: the following photos will make you hungry.

1. Basic Equipment:

Unfortunately, to take some stellar shots of your meal, a good camera is necessary. Phone photos can be alright depending on the quality of your handset, but to achieve crisp images with depth and texture, it’s best to use a digital SLR (DSLR).

They can be intimidating to those who have never handled a high-tech camera before, but you have such freedom with the lighting and focus at a level that goes beyond what a camera phone can offer. Some of the latest models of smart phones are getting to a high picture quality though, and there are numerous photo-editing apps you can take advantage to get your photo just right.

2. Expert Equipment:

We say ‘expert’ but once you know how to handle this piece of camera equipment on a basic level, the quality of images can be astounding. We would highly recommend investing in a 50mm lens for your DSLR. This achieves an incredible focus when wanting to get in close to the food, and gives a lovely blurred background. It really helps showcase the food and present it in a professional manner. It’s quite hard getting action shots as moving objects can come out blurred, but patience and practice helps.

3. Lighting:

White daylight is one of the best lightings to use. If you’re photographing by the light of a yellow toned light bulb in your kitchen, the food won’t appear as clear with good contrast. The shadows will be a pain and the yellowish hue will make your colours appear drab.

No equipment needed with good lighting! Just make sure that your food is arranged beside a big wide window and lots of light is coming through. It doesn’t even have to be a super sunny day!

4. Props:

The food might look beautiful, but if it isn’t on a nice plate (no chips on the ceramics, please!) then it will detract from the impact. If you wish to showcase your food in nice photographs, perhaps invest in the odd piece of cutlery that will give your photo shoot a quality feel.

Big wooden chopping boards, vintage casserole dishes and quirky ornaments can help elevate your food to a high standard in the images! But of course, this brings us onto our next point…


You can do all of the above points, but if your food isn’t looking good then it’s all for nothing. For food photography, the food has to look yummy… and of course bonus points if it tastes yummy! Simple arranging and carefully timed photos are important, and presentation of the finished dish is paramount! If done right, you can make even a basic salad dish look glorious.

We got our British Corner Shop resident chef, Alex Macclane, to develop some lovely dishes from British produce and they all looked and tasted amazing. We will be releasing the eBook on Friday 21st August 2015 so be sure to keep an eye on our blog for when it is ready to be downloaded!

Try out some of our recipes, and if you live abroad be sure to shop now at British Corner Shop ( for some produce to cook with during British food Fortnight. Send us your photographs via our Facebook page ( or Twitter ( as we’d love to share your British creations and celebrations to our community!