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Blog: Seas the Day

Blog: Seas the Day

Sea's the Day is an exciting new project about the fishermen of Selsey Bill. The aim of the project is to capture the memories and stories of the fishermen and their families, and celebrate the fishing heritage of Selsey. On the way we are creating recipe cards and doing a few other projects to remind everyone that there is some wonderful fresh fish, crab and lobster out here! Selsey crabs and lobsters are known for their sweet taste, and have iconic status in this respect locally.

This is what we are doing:

  • Gather fresh local catch recipes for recipe cards.
  • Record stories and memories of fishermen and their families.
  • Make a short film (6-10 minutes) based on the oral history interviews
  • Produce a short book using the interviews as a basis.
  • Take photographs of fishermen at work to create pull-up banners for exhibitions

The first part of the project is the recipe cards. To get the word out there about how good Selsey fish, crab and lobster are a number of restaurants and food outlets across the Manhood Peninsula, West Sussex, were asked to create a recipe using local catch. This means you can take the recipes on the cards, buy the main ingredients from suppliers on the fishing beach, and make something really special in your own kitchen!

Dressed crab is easy to find in Selsey, but why not try doing it yourself? Selsey Willow Seafood kindly gave us step-by-step instructions on how to dress a cooked crab. It is quite a process, but when you have finished, just add seasoning.

It was a delight to be part of British Food Fortnight, but the recipes featured here will be just as good next week and beyond. So please either visit our great restaurants or make your way to the Selsey fishery and stop off for some ingredients. Great British Food is here all year round!

  Sea Bass

 Lobster with a vibrant Summer side salad and lemon and seaweed new potatoes

   Lobster with garlic & seaweed mayonnaise, sea salt fries and dressed watercress

Cuttlefish with watermelon and lime, tomato, feta, chilli and almond salad

 Crab Sandwich

 Sea Bream