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Prepare a special Diamond Jubilee menu

Schools were challenged to prepare a special Diamond Jubilee menu for Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, British Food Fortnight invited all schools in the UK to create a special menu featuring recipes that celebrate the best of British to be served to The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall at a reception at Buckingham Palace in June.

The competition was the idea of The Duchess of Cornwall and was her special tribute to The Queen for the Diamond Jubilee.

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Cape Cornwall School, Cornwall:

Cape Cornwall School

As part of their Cook for The Queen entry the school researched seasonal food and examples of dishes that had royal links. They contacted Head Chef at The Gurnards Head for advice on suitability of designs. The pupils then created 18 canapés, reasoning why each dish was chosen - for instance King Charles II Syllabub with Polgoon Wine was picked as King Charles II was so fond of Syllabub he ordered his servants to keep cows in nearby St. James's Park. The menus were created using ingredients donated from local suppliers.

The pupils spent 4 weeks developing and trialling their menu which concluded in a tasting session, which parents and teachers were invited to. The school's Cape's Jubilee Jamboree menu includes:

  • Leek, saffron and crab pasty
  • Traditional Cornish pasty
  • Mini bacon and onion quiches
  • Grilled Cornish scallops with tomato, garlic and basil
  • Miniature Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish mousse
  • Royal anchovy biscuits with poached asparagus spears and hollandaise sauce
  • Chilled strawberry and pepper soup
  • Goujons of lemon sole and chips with herb mayonnaise
  • Coronation chicken
  • Cornish sea salt crusted mini baked potatoes with crème friache
  • King Charles II Syllabub with Polgoon wine
  • Queen of puddings
  • Strawberry cheesecake with Cornish gingerbread
  • Raspberry meringues
  • Sweet saffron scones with clotted cream and jam
  • Victoria sandwich cake
  • Commonwealth chocolate mousse
  • Ginger basket with tri-colour ice cream

To contact the school for more information please call 01736 788501 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cape Cornwall School 2012 Cook for The Queen winner Cape Cornwall School 2012 Cook for The Queen winner


Eastington Primary School, Gloucestershire:

Eastington Primary School, Gloucestershire 2012 Cook for The Queen winner

The school researched local regional produce, incorporating their findings within their menu and giving it a creative spin with a Royal theme. The pupils included diamond shaped dishes to reflect the Diamond Jubilee. They also planted 60 donated jubilee strawberry plants from the local garden centre. They then held a judging event at school which was attended by 60 people including local producers and suppliers to try out the 12 canapés. The children made bunting for the occasion and one little girl even dressed up as The Queen!

The school's Diamond Standard menu includes:


  • Camilla's Cucumber Crowns filled with Wye salmon smoked over tea
  • Asparagus Encrusted Diamonds - asparagus with a lemon hollandaise served in a diamond shaped vol-au-vent
  • Rarebits of Dimaond - Godsell Gloucester diamond shaped cheese rarebit sandwiches with local homemade apple chutney
  • Beefeater's Delight - Duchess potatoes with seasonal horseradish and Gloucester beef
  • Will's Spot of Windsor - Gloucester Old Spot shredded belly pork served on a courgette and potato rosti with Windsor apple sauce and apple jus.
  • Harry's Hungry Hunt - wood pigeon skewers served with spiced beetroot and pomegranate molasses chutney.


  • Luv’lee Jub’lee Bub’lee - elderflower strawberry and champagne soup
  • Royal Rhubarb Trumpet - English rhubarb syllabub cream trumpets
  • Buckingham biscuits - lemon shortbread with apple and lavender sorbet
  • Queen's Crumble - Gooseberry crumble with elderflower and gooseberry ice cream
  • Union Jack Pudding - Rice pudding layered with raspberries, blueberries, and Gloucester honey served in shot glasses
  • Royal Mint Princess's Pudding - Chocolate pound cake covered in royal mint icing

To contact the school for more information please call 01453 822922 or email Jules Telford or Madeleine Gulliford on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Eastington Primary School, Gloucestershire 2012 Cook for The Queen winner


Latimer Arts College, Northamptonshire:

Latimer Arts  College, Northamptonshire

The school started their Cook for The Queen menu by working and talking to local farmers and butchers. The pupils then designed and sketched their dishes on paper before cooking them. Once the first cooking session was complete the students then tasted and adapted recipes to make their menu ‘Fit for The Queen’. They created new dishes which they names after The Queen including the “Elizabeth Fan” and the “Dainty Elizabeth” (see details in menu). “The pupils buzzed with excitement through the entire project and have been focused and absorbed through each lesson in a way I have never seen before!”

The school's Queen Elizabeth's Northamptonshire Delights menu includes:


  • Elizabeth Fans - Crisp, fan-shaped filo shell with cheese quiche filling, baby asparagus and cherry tomato bow.
  • Goats Cheese and Mint Blooms - A flower shaped filo case, set with a feta and fresh mint quiche.
  • Warm New Potato Boats - A petite new potato hollowed and filled with tiny button mushrooms in a grain mustard and crème fraiche sauce.
  • Courageous Beef Crowns/Regal Turkey Crowns - A thin strip of Northamptonshire prime beef with a shaped top edge, spread then rolled with yellow English mustard, a small circle cut-out revealing the jewel like hue of the mustard. Similar crowns made with Turkey and cranberry jelly.
  • Bejewelled Northamptonshire Venison Chipolatas - A Northamptonshire Venison Chipolata garnished and roasted with fresh redcurrants.
  • Cherry Tomato Jewels - A sun ripened cherry tomato hollowed and filled with a crème fraiche, feta and basil pate.
  • Dainty Elizabeth- A fine sage and onion scone base nesting a beautiful bird with a fanned turkey meat tail, a halved quail's egg body and a fine carved tomato head and beak.
  • Brixworth pate Cobbler - Classic Northamptonshire Brixworth pate spread on a Tarragon and horseradish cobbler base, garnished with a fine vegetable flower.
  • Elegant Elizabeth's - Pink Northamptonshire lamb rolled into a floral shape, with a pea and mint centre, seated on a pan fried rosemary and olive oil new potato slice.
  • Stilton Roses - A thin layer of quality stilton, shaped to from a delicate rose, seated on a circle of toasted plum bread.


  • Golden Carriages - Filo pastry carriages, filled with diced apricots, pistachios and honey in crème patisserie.
  • Jubilee Jelly Bonnets - Raspberry coulis jelly on a meringue base with edible flower and golden ribbon around the brim.
  • Crystal Strawberry Crowns - Majestic hollowed Northamptonshire strawberries with a crown cut top dipped in sugar crystals and a fresh cream and meringue
  • Buckingham Berry Cakes - Petite Northamptonshire berry cup cakes with a delicate union jack decoration in fresh berries and cream
  • Rose of the Shire Meringues - Rose coloured meringues piped to shape delicate blooms.
  • Diamond Slippers - Petite Genoese cake and sugar paste slippers, studded with edible diamonds in the letterforms of E & R.

For the Diamond Jubilee the school is also planning on inviting parents to come and taste the menu with the children serving as waiters. To contact the school for more information please call 01536 720300 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latimer Arts College, Northamptonshire 2012 Cook for The Queen winner Latimer Arts College, Northamptonshire 2012 Cook for The Queen winner


St Columba's Primary School, Oban, Scotland:

St Columba's Primary School, Oban, Scotland

Year 7 researched the history of royal food and banquets as far back as 1066.

The pupils then visited the Scottish Seafood exhibition and liaised with local businesses such as the Inverawe Smokehouse, Oban Chocolate Shop and Manor House Hotel.

The children were hugely imaginative with their dishes. The children thought that shortbread, though a well-loved Scottish recipe, is ‘too plain’ for the Queen. One of the pupils thought the Queen always looked pretty in lavender so they contacted The Kitchen Garden and sourced edible lavender which the pupils used to produce a shortbread fit for The Queen!

They then held a Diamond Jubilee Tea Party inviting members of the local community, in particular those who were Primary 7 age at the time of the Coronation, to sample the dishes. Lord Kibrandon who went to the tea party said the food was “better than any restaurant”. The school's Dazzling Diamond Jubilee Celebration menu includes:


  • Carrot and Orange Soup
  • Figs with Argyll Ham and Isle of Mull Blue Cheese
  • Mackerel Pate with Scottish Porridge Oatcakes

Main Courses

  • Salmon Fishcakes
  • Smoked Duck Pancakes
  • Leek Asparagus and Brie Filos with Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
  • Haggis, Beetroot and Red Onion Parcels


  • MacCaigs Tower Tablet Cheesecake (which is decorated to look like McCaig's Tower)
  • Lavender Shortbread with Cream and Blae’berries

After Dinner Treats

  • Cream Scones
  • Gaelic Coffee with Oban Chocolate Shop Chocolates

To contact the school for more information please call Imogen McKenna on 01631 568090

St Columba's Primary School, Oban, Scotland 2012 Cook for The Queen winner


Photos courtesy of Simon May, Maymedia